Kenny & Hershy

Some of you may be meeting us for the first time. We've put together a brief story of how we met and a little about each of us.

The Bride, Herschela Francis Holdsworth.

Hershy was born in North Kansas City Missouri, raised in Smithville Missouri and now lives in Lee's Summit Missouri. Currently she is attending Devry University, and working towards a Bachelors Degree in Business Information Systems, while working as an Administrator at Demdaco. As a part time job Hershy works for local lighting, sound, staging & production companies. Hershy is also the mother of a four year old boy, Nathaniel James Holdsworth, who currently believes that he is James Bond.

Hershy enjoys: music, movies, going to concerts, spending time with Kenny & Nathaniel, shopping of course, and hanging out with her friends.

The Groom, Kenneth Paul Saunders.

Kenny was born in St. Joseph Missouri in 1980. He grew up in Harrisonville Missouri and briefly attended Central Missouri State University. He then pursued a six year musical career performing in 2 bands, Six Percent & Indira, and working as a stagehand for local music production companies. During this time he attended Conseva, a technical school, and completed a web development course. He has worked as a website designer and web application programmer for the last 5 years & is now employed at Handmark Inc, a reseller / developer of handheld/smarthphone software & games.

Kenny enjoys: music, playing guitar, reading, movies, spending time with Hershy & Nathaniel, going to concerts, web design/ programming, browsing the internet, and hanging out with his friends.

How we met.

I remember the first time I ever saw Hershy, it was on August 7th, 2003. We we're both working the load-out of a 311 concert. She was walking across the stage, and we made eye contact. I was frozen. She had the deepest, most beautiful eyes. I was a shy person, so I went about the rest of the night just staring at her wishing that I was cool enough to approach her.

Over the next six months of working together we became good friends. I couldn't wait to go to work again, and I was always hoping that she would be working the same show. After several months of trying to get her to come out and see my band play, she finally came out to a show. After a long night of hanging around, and considerable patience on her part, I finally worked up the nerve to kiss her.

Since that day, she has made every day of the last two years of our lives. I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without her.

The Proposal.

After putting it off for several months, waiting for the right moment to present itself, I finally worked up the courage to propose. We had never discussed getting married, so I had no idea what she would like. I decided on going back to the first place I ever saw her, the City Market.

After picking out where to propose, I had to get the ring. In my infinite wisdom, I took Nathaniel with me to pick out the ring. I had a plan to bribe him into silence, a brand new batmobile. The night before I planned to propose, Hershy came home, and the first thing out of Nathaniel's mouth was, you guessed it, "Mommy we got you a ring!" I was terrified; I just knew she'd figure everything out. But the night went on, and she never brought it up. One crisis averted. P.S. The batmobile is now on my desk. :-).

So the night came, and by an amazing coincidence another one of my problems was solved for me. I had planned to take her out to a nice restaurant but I had no idea what excuse to give her. Well, that day, I was officially offered a position at my new company, Handmark. I now had my reason to take her out.

The evening went on just as planned. We ate dinner, and then it was time to drive home. I still hadn't thought of how I was going to get her to the city market, while I was driving, I approached the exit. "Hey, do you want to see where my new office is?" Ok, I at least had her in the neighborhood now. I told her I needed to use the restroom, and that I wanted to try the ones over by the city market. I knew this was a bad idea, we both knew these restrooms would be closed. She argued at first saying "Why don't you just go in one of the bars?", but went along with it anyhow.

Then the big moment came. Of course I had a speech in my head, that I'd been running through over and over, but when I got out the ring and got down on one knee I was speechless. I just held it out, I stood up to kiss her, and finally managed to squeeze out "....Will ...marry"

Of course the answer was in my favor. Hershy said yes, she was totally taken by surprise, and was also speechless. It has been, and will always remain the happiest day of my life. I can't think about that moment, and the look on her face, without cracking a smile.